Sharing entire report with listing agent

Rarely does this come up as most of my agents just pull pictures from my report and include with their addendum. Today, the agent wants to send the whole report. He was nice enough to request permission, but I’m not comfortable with that for many reasons.

What is your response to that from an agent?

Ask him to get the permission from the client; it’s their report and their decision.
Frankly, it goes on all the time, much more than you think.


What Dominic said. His post is exactly how I would have answered.

My answer would be “Sure, as long as your client is ok with that”

They are going to do it regardless of what you say.

I actually send an email to the listing agent telling them to call me if they have any questions.

Whoa! Do you ever receive any backlash? I can see that going bad really fast with miscommunications and just the overall stress involved in a real estate deal.Or, going the other way and making new connections…Hmmmm interesting.

No, I only receive questions from the listing agent by sending them an email to call me if they have questions…

100% of the time they asking for further clarification so they can have an issue repaired.

There have been many times when the listing agent was present at time of the inspection and they would ask me to send them a copy of the inspection report. In a polite way I mention that they should speak with the client it’s their report and their decision. If my client wishes for me to forward a copy of the inspection report I am happy to do so, I would then noted this on the agreement and initialed by client. I’m sure it happens anyways behind closed doors that I never know about, but not from me.