Sharing the report

I know we are not allowed to share an inspection with the agent without the clients permission, but how long does this stay in effect? I have a client that apparently was disgruntled with my inspection and contacted the realtor for mediation although he never spoke to me. Am I allowed to bring the report (3 months after closing) to the realtor so that he can see that there was nothing amiss?

Where did you get this information from? Are you sure it wasn’t the agent that caused your client to become disgruntled? Perhaps he was disgruntled with the agents mishandling of the report through negotiations.

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The agent is a friend of mine and gave me a “heads up” that the client was complaining. I need to speak to her head realtor and just explain what he already suspects and that is the client is having buyers remorse after 3 months. What it all boils down to, is the client bought a 170 year old house for under $60k and expected everything to be perfect and is looking for a scapegoat for his foolishness.

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I would thank them for that information and move on.

If you are trying to save a relationship with an agent, remember who your client is first. Even an upset client is still your client.

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I understand that they are my client, however, they won’t speak to me regarding their complaint. They brought it to the agent without consulting me whatsoever. The report was accurate, timely and thorough. At what point do I attempt to salvage the relationship with the realtors? Keep in mind, this is 3 months AFTER the inspection and I am just now hearing about any issues. Seems like a fine line here… I just want to be able to ethically prove that I did my job according to the SOP.

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What does your agreement say about sharing a report?

My agreement says that the report remains my intellectual property. However, the code of ethics states that we will not divulge the report to anyone without the client’s permission. My original question remains, what is the statute of limitations on showing someone else the report who had a vested interest in the outcome even though it is beyond the closing date?

Does the code of ethics mention a statute of limitations? If not, you likely have your answer.

Now, you could take the report, remove all identifying names addresses etc. Post it on your website as a sample report and then ask the agent to please check out your new sample report. LOL :sunglasses:

I hope this turns out well for you. Best of luck sir.

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Apparently I’m reading this wrong. It sounds to me like the agent already has the report, that was shared with them by the client.

To my knowledge, the agent does not have the report. The client is telling them things but the agent has not seen the report which is why I want to make them aware of the findings.

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Do you consider yourself slandered?
If not stay away.


Gotcha. To stay out of further legal trouble I wouldn’t share the report with anybody without the client’s permission. But I would keep in contact with the agent and follow through at keeping your reputation intact.
I don’t see anything prohibiting you from Reading what you wrote from the report.

Ever see the movie War Games?



Classic movie JJ :grinning:

  1. Email buyer and ask if they have questions about the report

  2. Email Realtor and ask WHAT specifically the buyer complained about

  3. NO … don’t give the REA a copy of the report if the buyer did NOT give them a copy. WE don’t give a rats ass what anybody but the client says cause they’re not your client.

  4. IF the buyer files a formal complaint, then all bets are off AND you should defend yourself. Gum flapping does not count for much without formal complaints


are you speaking of the selling agent or the buyers agent.? I have never had a client tell me NOT to share the report with their agent. And I never had a buyers agent tell me DO NOT provide me with a copy of the report

If you haven’t heard anything from the client there really isn’t an issue. If it isn’t important enough for them to reach out to you, it’s not important.

Move on.


I’ve actually had several clients specifically tell me that they did not want their agent to have a copy of the report. I guess it depends on where you are.

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I met with the buyer’s agent this morning and come to find out, he’s got a copy of the repot already.
My client has not reached out to me about anything which in my opinion means he knows he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. The agent told me not to worry about my reputation with them as they can see this guy just has buyers remorse and wants someone else to pay for his mistake. Too bad, as I participate in the Buy Back program…


Same here. Buyers want to stay in control and they do not always want the agent to start wheeling and dealing behind the scenes. For good reason.

I have seen agents immediately transmit the report to the seller and the seller gets upset then kills the deal before negotiation even begins.