Shimmed up decking

This is a new home still under builder warranty. The owners wanted a dip in the roof repaired and this is what I found. What do you all think?

Structural issues? Issues when reselling? What is proper way of repairing something like this, just for my own knowledge.
Thank you.

FUBAR:shock: Was this done to control ponding? The deck nailing is now not functioning as designed (non-conforming wind load diaphragm), and the nails will eventually work its way thru the roofing membrane (I assume it is a flat roof). This should have been done with continuous sistering secured to the decking using polyurethane adhesive, but still would have needed engineering approval.

That is a total mess…

Builder warrantee on this type of structural issue is lifetime of the structure, see FSS 95.

I doubt the truss system was designed with shimming in mind. The roof system should bear flat on the truss system.

What Brad said. This went from bad to worse

Thx everyone. That is what I thought. Just wanted confirmation from peers before sending it out.