This roof deck wiggled a little

Another “FBC” Broward county reroof with loose sheathing and a valid permit# and final status

Nice:) what did you rate it?

“other”- Too many missed nails… I couldn’t even get a picture of a truss not showing at least 15 missed nails in a row.

I bet that is a pissed homeowner with the roofer :slight_smile:

i see like 5 a week like that. New roofs with attachment-A… South Florida baby!

Have you guys found many with no missed nails? I have seen a lot built afteafter 2004. What do YOU check?

Yep I have.
I use the zircom to determine the length. I draw it in marker and photograph it.

For the size? How does that work?

Damn. My Zircon won’t do that. I scan each truss twice just to make sure it’s accurate. It would be nice if there was a better tool.

I find shiners here and there, but haven’t seen anything like the pics Dennis put up.

I just started doing it when I could not find any shiners but believe that they are 8D.
I mark where i see exposed shaft usually on an angle somewhere then do the best I can with the Zircon to find the bottom of the nail. I mark it and photograph it. It seems they like pictures and if I cannot see what they want and they still want SOMETHING THAT IS WHAT i PROVIDE. the ZIRCON IS REALLY NOT THAT ACCURATE BUT i GIVE IT A SHOT AND TRY. sry bout the caps.

It is the only tool we really have. That is why the pictures are useless. It just proves that there is metal there.

They should NOT require photos of marks on a beam it is useless to do so.

Nails when done properly are NOT visible NOR are they accessible.

The reason we have to do it is because so many have given the Insurance companies whatever they want weather it is required by the form or not. :roll:

look long enough and ull find a shiner or at least a sidesplitter. ive never not found one. sometimes takes half hour traversing every last inch of attic

I will not spend a 1/2 hr looking or put myself or my clients property in danger just because some idiot behind a desk wants a picture. “So far” my method has been working.

NOT VISIBLE as far as I am concerned.

I do look hard everywhere I can go safely and do not give up easily.

and all for $75.00

I’m guessing with all of the newly licensed Wind Mitigation experts it will soon be 49.95. :smiley:

I know a guy who was getting $250 for these when they first became available and I sold hundreds at $150. Today’s inspection average is about $400 in discounts per year too.

they were free during msfh and prices remained steady, and anyone could do them

Spen 20 minutes looking for 1 today. I found 1 staple sticking down.

good job

lol. I wouldnt do 21 min though

and I think I lost 10 pounds in the attic too