Roof, something doesn't look right

I’ve come across this before but never got an answer as to why these dimensional shingles don’t appear tools lay correctly. Anyone have an idea as to why the don’t appear to be installed correctly, or is that the look?

How many layers of shingle are on the roof? Are there old shake shingles below this layer?

Certainly looks odd. It seems to a lapping/offset issue?
It only looks strange where the “doubled up” architectural pieces overlap each other.
Manufacturer install instructions is the only way to know for sure.

Looks like they overlapped shingles in a course to the next shingle in the same course.

I don’t know the brand of those shingles, but it don’t look like they were installed properly.
Laminated architectural shingles usually have 8" differential in length in each course, and those don’t look like it was done. Depending on the manufacturer, sometimes that makes a difference on the overall look. I would just recommend a professional roofing contractor to look at it. Although it don’t look right, it is still functioning as intended.


What are your thoughts on the installation?

What I said above. What is your opinion?

I don’t believe that they can seal down properly, as intended by the manufacturer, installed overlapping like that.

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The first pic looks like unprofessional installation to me.

I agree, and I don’t think they paid to much attention to the 5-5/8" exposure either.
The shingle butts are all over the place.

The “roofer” must have thought:


Appear to be poorly installed laminated/composition shingles.
Laminated or architectural shingles have a wider variety of exposures.
Uneven exposure.
Gaps between shingles.
Suspect: 2 brands of laminated/composition shingles. One brand has a shadow exposure.
As well there might be sheathing issues.

Any pictures of the sheathing from the attic?

Just my 2 cents.

What practically everybody said! :sweat_smile: That is one messed up roof!


1st you guys are awesome, thank you for all the feedback. No to shake singles underneath, just one layer of roofing.
There is a garage on the property, same shingles, but laid out nicely.

From the pictures those look to be atlas chalet shingles which had some issues. I would look up that brand shingles and read up on them? I also believe they were not installed properly either.