Shingles with Failed Adhesive

Highly appreciate hearing from experienced inspectors on a specific question of clues for failed adhesive, and incorporating checking for this issue in the inspection process. This can only really be checked by pulling on the shingle? How many shingles are you pulling? Where on the roof would you spend the most time on this, closer to the ridge, closer to the edge? Do other indications like other signs of poor installation, or poor attic ventilation cause you to spend more time looking for failed adhesive? Or other clues?
Thank you!

Shingle adhesion.pdf (1.2 MB)


It seems like I used to see it more on 3-tab roofs when they were more common. You’d often see the crease lines because once the adhesive fails the shingle tabs blow around and eventually break off. Fwiw, I sure don’t see it much. I will usually try (lightly) to pry up a shingle or two to check the nailing but if it doesn’t come up easily I just let it be.

Just last week I was putting in some intermediate steps for my aging mom and nailing some leftover 3-tab shingles to the surface for grip. You sure don’t have to bend those things too many times before they break. Once they loose their adhesion it probably just takes a couple windy days to break the pieces off the roof.

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