Roof Shingles

I just inspected a house and it has a 3 tab 20 yr shingle roof that was installed according to the sellers disclosure 30 days ago. Not one shingle has sealed down. Remember I am in southeast Texas the temperatures over the last 30 days has gotten up to 80. Do you guys think that these shingles should have sealed by now?

First question is whether a tear off of the old roof was performed. If it wasnt, then all manufacturer’s warranties are typically gone.

As to the adhesion factor, I’d say to give it a bit more time.

Was the glue tacky? In amny cases here they can take up to 60days in the dead of summer.

The tar strips were not tacky at all. I also had another question is you go to the following link for Owens Corning shingles
and look at section 5 the fastening instructions it states place fasteners 5/8" above the tab cut-out and below the sealant strip etc etc. Is this true for all shingle manufactures? All the nails on this particular roof were placed in the sealant strip. I talked to a roofer and asked him about it and he informed me that they place all there nails in the sealant strip and they do that so that when the nail rust and shrinks it still has a sealant around the nails. So who is right? And yes a tear off was performed. The tar strips are not disturbed at all

Also how can you tell somebody thats buying a house in feb. to wait and see if it seals??? What kind of backup does the buyer have?? Oh, and I forgot to mention the seller placed the roof on himself and he is a “Contractor”:roll:


This particular manufacturer specifically states "Fastening into the sealant strip interferes with sealing and contributes to blow-offs" and also has a NOTE that states "Do not drive fasteners into or above the adhesive strip".

So in this situation I would definitely annotate these findings in the report.

Now you just have to figure out if the shingles are made by this manufacturer… :wink: