Shoddy construction, Houston article

Although extreme winds played a factor, the fact that the tragic event within 10 miles of me was worsened by inadequate construction practices is no surprise to me.

It’s not at all uncommon for me to find and report numerous construction deficiencies, code violations that the city inspectors issue green tags of approval and sign off on, during construction phase inspections all across the D/FW market and all other parts of the state I’ve inspected. And I’ve worked from Texarkana to El Paso and the Panhandle to the Valley.

Anyone building in Texas should hire their own Third Party Phase Inspector. It’s the only way to have some assurance that the minimum code is being followed or items can be brought to the building officials attention when the builders balk (argue tooth and nail) at making required corrections.

Code is not a benchmark to attain it’s the minimum accepted practice.
This is the equivalent of saying it’s acceptable to get a C- education, nothing anyone should brag about.

Yeah when that storm happened I was amazed at the destruction, I mean this was no trailer park neighborhood. Yes they were powerful tornadoes but some of those houses just disintegrated.
I’m sure lawsuits are flying and I wonder if some will be criminal due to the loss of life.

Quote from article - “Building codes in the United States are not geared for extreme weather events such as tornadoes because of the rarity in which they occur”.

Tom, Out of curiosity - Who are lawsuits flying at - The Weather Man? Criminal charges- Against who? It was a Tornado ! ! See my quote above !