Shop small on Saturday.

Especially if you go out to eat. If we all keep eating at franchised restaurants… in 10 years, that’s all we’ll have.

If you can help it… never eat at a franchise.

Small shops need to clean them better than they do if they wish to stay in business .
Most wash rooms are a disgrace .
When they cannot keep them clean I wonder how the rest of the place is. Many I have seen are a disaster.

Thats almost what we have now…

Whenever I travel to a new town for an inspection I find the local diner when I am done.

I prefer non franchise myself and the non franchise places do great when as mentioned above do it right.

If people go to a franchise that is what they prefer and there is a reason for it.

McDonalds does not make the best hamburger but if they see golden arches across the street from a place with beat up sign and dirty windows where do you think they will go ?

Humans are creatures of habit and will always opt for the known.

NACHI brands itself for a reason as well.
To be known and the option of choice.

The little grease pit might be serving horse meat …how do I know…:slight_smile:

May be the best horse meat you ever tried though :wink:

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Non-Walmart…I agree, Do Not Shop and/or Buy at Walmart.