Some one cut My Lifeline

I am crying real tears as big as horse apples my favorite Bacon cheese burger, small fries and large cherry Limeade stop burnt to the ground last evening by noon today this is all that is left. Two guess, grease fire, Electrical fire, don’t count;) </IMG>

hey, it’s a Sonic…as ubiquitous as they are there is bound to be another close by. They can pop a new one in in no time also.

We don’t have no Sonic’s up here.:frowning:

Closet one is 3 hours away in Iowa.

We do have Culver’sYum Yum.:slight_smile:

They’ll be back Charley…bigger and better…Maybe you’ll get to inspect the new one.

Hmmm…spontaneous combustion ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

You think THAT’S tough? The resturant were my wife and I have been going Fridays for 8 years and where were were 100% comped at the bar just closed! That smarts!

We don’t have Sonics here, only Checkers. :frowning:

Or, as my **Stupid Old Grandfather ™ **used to opine, “Greek Fire!”

Here Blaine, give you a reason to get out of the house. :slight_smile: …They’re “America’s Drivin”…Sonic’s in Orlando

That is correct best food on the move you can get. Franchise built their first one In Shawnee Okla. about the same time as Big MAC McDonald’s.

Now is not this thread better than name calling we can all relate to food:p

I’m not sure. I get a hankerin’ for whit, sarcasm and general fisticuffs occasionally:shock:

Mmmmm…Food !!!

Go try it on your wife and see what happens

As someone above stated they are almost on every cornner only had to drive 1 mile and had my lunch:D :smiley: :wink: I can put my truck on auto pilot and that is where it goes.:shock:


You guys have a great evening. Its been fun and its been real but it has not been real fun.
Gotta go feed the horses plural.:smiley: Later

I, on the other hand, have to drive 118 miles South…into Iowa :frowning:
By the time I get back home, I’m hungry again :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll have to double up sometime to keep the gas cost down.:wink:

You’re lucky!!

No culver’s in Canada Brian. That is too bad.

I used to have go half way to Madison on business trips and would usually stop in. Now I have one only 5 mi. away.
Of course it seems to have affected my wasteline.:frowning: