Take out food

Did Chinese takeout tonight and let my kid order.

$28.00 bought enough food to feed a baseball team.

It was all good. Watch out if a Chinese franchise ever invades America, the chubby chasers will be ecstatic.

My last order Paul was $32 and my wife and I had enough for 3 meals. Not bad really.

Usually way to much rice.

I like fried rice instead of regular, yea always get at least two meals.

What side of town are you eating in? Try a little upscale sometime. Actually tastes better than dog, which is too greasy for my tastes.

Shoreview, Minnesota is where I get my egg foo young;-)

two words…china buffet

Two words… David Fong’s! Best Chinese this side of Chicago! http://www.davidfongs.com/home

I am glad you got a great meal and feed a bunch of kids but it sucks that we really cannot go to the supermarket and buy what we need to make something comparable to takeout in variety alone.

Fresh food prices are crazy lately. I do not get why a Place like Ft Laud with a great airport and port cannot get a great open every day World Market like so many other Countries :frowning:

Yellow and green market tries but will never be a success because they are not open full time only a few days a week. I would like to have something great with bounty from around the world. Live animals and fresh produce. I would go every other day.

Michael I do cook fresh and shop like a European, almost everyday. But when I have been working a lot as I have been recently I go for easy. Chinese food is lots of fresh vegetables and is as wholesome as you’ll get now days.

And Jeffrey, I like David Fong’s and have been there often. Whenever I visit my old Sparky buddy who’s shop is 2 blocks away we have lunch at Fong’s, been doing that for 25 years.

Nice. Have you been to the other locations? (All family). Savage is equally awesome. I have never been able to get into Prior Lake as it’s Dinner only, and it’s ALWAYS packed!

How’s about letting me in on your local secret? I get up that way every now and then, and always looking to try out new places. PM me if you wish. Thanks.


I did not mean to infer anything. Just a comment on the world. Some damn lucky kids you are coaching :slight_smile:

I think Paul’s kids are older than you! :shock:

Just kidding Paul (I think). :mrgreen:

My kids are 19, 21, 33, 35. The boy is getting married in Cabo San Lucas June 11 or so. I’ll be eating Mexican that week.