Short film

New short film/commercial. Take a look

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Lol, nice job


I linked to it from

That’s awesome. LOL!

That looks like S Fogarty when he was a rookie. :mrgreen:

Great, loved it.

Nice job!

Cute but this is a racoon

Dang city kids :wink:

Very professional.

Awesome! Truly Awesome.

Nice JOB! and funny

I’m sharing this on my social media today.


very nice

I shared it on my FB. I hope you don’t mind.

Totally Awesome.

I like it but I would not show this video for 1 reason. The inspector has the hatch to the attic open and he is simply shining a light up through the hatch. He doesn’t even have his head in the attic. MANY look down on us not getting in the attic. I would scrap that part and show myself INSIDE the attic.

LOL good one.

Very professionally done. Great humour as well. The only ‘critique’ that I have (and by all means I’m not trying to pick it apart). However, it would be great to have it somehow show more that your typical ‘self inspector’ doesn’t have a clue what their looking for, rather than just safety from electrocution and random animal attacks. I definitely understand the difficulty in making that format quite as humorous however. I’d definitely still give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.