Short video, THIS is what OFTEN happens...

… (:20 mark eh) threre will be a crack (s) etc in the basement wall and SOME of the water that is entering through the crack in the foundation wall will get into THAT GAP (between bottom of wall and floor) and run several feet or MORE in that gap and THEN come onto the basement floor

And yet all I hear is, lol, is THAT WATER is supposedly due to hydrostatic pressure etc problem under the floor and that every homeowner on the planet has to have an interior system. Just more lies and incompetence from your little dorky inside system friends!!

One more time, im NOT saying there aren’t some homeowners who have ‘some sort of problem’…a different kind of problem that can cause water to accumulate under the floor and then come UP through THIS GAP or up through floor cracks BUTT…most often, THAT problem is going to be something like a possible lateral line blockage or possible sump problem or somebody poured cement/covered a floor drain or, lol, some have a water line that goes into basement floor and there’s some sort of problem with that.

And notice another attempt of injecting crrrap into a poured wall crack.