Vid, Home inspection,cracked walls #-o
What’s duh first things ya see in basement? :-k
Step cracks, vertical crack.
Apparently duh house is ‘under repair’.
Home inspector (all due respect Skip) buTT again, yapping about raising,sloping duh grade, long downspout extensions.
Eh Kevin, the clay soil also Exxxxpands eh plus at this house there are underground roots.

ROOF water (downspt ext’s) that goes INTO-the-soil 7-10 whatever feet away, ya think all of that water STAYS AWAY from the basement walls?
Some of that water can still makes its way back TOWARDS basement walls! Shttt man, underground roots alone can carry water towards,near,against a basement wall.

That water IS getting in that basement because there are EXTERIOR cracks in the basement walls, PERIOD!

There may also be other exterior openings that need to be repaired such as openings/gaps around,just under,above basement windows,bricks and mortar joints,doors etc.

The EFFLORESCENCE, you don’t think some or most of that can be due to the exterior cracks or other exterior openings huh?

See some bullsht work going on INSIDE basement, jesus are they installing piers etc? lolol

And at 1:08…looks like somebody recently installed an interior system/see the basement FLOOR,about 18", new concrete,was j hammered etc. And ummm sure looks like there is water on the floor/that new piece,concrete apron. That is NOT going to STOP water from coming in and obviously doesn’t remove,relieve,lessen ANY exterior pressure against the basement walls and doesn’t remove any possible underground roots against the wall(s) which could certainly cause some cracks.

Hmmm, don’t hear dogshtt about what SHOULD be done and WHY, exterior waterproofing. Yeah,pfttttt, we can see the longer black drain tile on downspouts…LOL.

Take a look…zoom in if ya like
B Dry installed their BS here…did THAT stop water from entering these exterior cracks and did THAT remove,relieve ANY exterior pressure off duh wall? (clay,roots)

Same house,corner…

Duuuh, do ya see WHERE water first-enters into the hollow block wall?
And THEN…after its inside duh blocks it falls through the lower blocks and comes out at-along the COVE, the bottom of basement wall/floor.

Here, some smaller roots grew INTO,THROUGH the exterior corner crack,helped widen the crack…NO interior system on THIS PLANET does dogshttt in regards to stopping the water from where its REALLY entering and doesn’t remove,relieve clay or roots.

Underground root CAUSED cracks in basement wall, caused the step cracks etc that is visible inside basement,caused several exterior cracks

Clay and roots caused vertical and horizontal cracks which is friggin Whhhhhhhhhhhhy the basement leaked!@#@!!

And all these homes had at least 1 area of duh basement wall/inside, that had some efflorescence,some had x-amount of mold on past of block wall.

Same area,another vid…‘Mr Fix it gives 3 tips to prevent basement floods’? #-o

:35 Eh uh, aaaaaagain lolol, this homeowner has EXTERIOR cracks,cracked parging etc and that is his problem, that is why water has been entering the basement for 6 years,as he says…6 years? grrr

:50 ’ i have cinder blocks disintegrating on the other side’

Yeah, and the ONLY way you or anyone else is going to stop FURTHER disintegrating and water coming in through those cracks-blocks is exterior waterproofing.

Feel bad for the dude and anyone else but C’MON, dkking around on the inside of basement or playing wiff the grade isn’t going to FIX the PROBLEMS, no sir.

Blocks can certainly disintegrate,deteriorate on the outside as well, like this…
There was concrete ALL ALONG the entire side and just around this corner against the house/wall, most of it was NEWER as if somebody thought that by pouring concrete against the house with a dang skippy good pitch it would somehow solve the leaky crawl.

Not only did it not solve the leaks but most never think about what may be happening to the blocks, to the joints, to the wall on the exterior as ya see in photo…got milk? Pouring concrete,mudjacking slabs etc will never fix,repair any deteriorating blocks,mortar joints, sorry. :mrgreen:

Lots of rain here too, call after call from homeowners who are getting water in their basements and MOST of them telling me they’ve already tried raising,sloping their GRADE etc. Hear the same crap year after year, sure do.

Some said, 'We paid a landscaper late last year to regrade and install drain tile along duh house"…‘We had most of our driveway slabs mudjacked last year and thought that by doing that it would keep water away from the leaky basement wall’…and so on.
So NOW…they are OUT that-money $ and STILL have the SAME g dang problems.

You keep spending cash on bullsht and i’ll keep posting the facts, Bubba over n out.

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