Doing a water test with a hose to show homeowners where the water FIRST gets in

the corner leaks as well as the chimney, ran water for 10 minutes, in she came

one should be able to run water for 12 hours ++ loll and if there is no EXT crack etc in basement wall then NO friggin water will enter, capeesh?

i’d like to repeat that because it seems vaguely important…
put it this way, if i dug out one or all walls down to footing and then turned the stOOPid azz water on and filled the entire trench, NO water will enter basement onto floor IF there are no cracks, no cracked parging, no deteriorated rod holes etc etc

see the water, dampness at :15 mark? well lolll that increased when doing the stupid water test, see the INSIDE of hollow blocks, the water?

yeah, so this is what happens all the time, YES it does.

homeowners see water just like that, they call an interior drainage system fart-head and he goes over n farts in front of homeowners, homeowners sniff it and believe 'em, they actually believe these morons who tell them they have a hydrostatic pressure problem UNDER the stupid floor, around perimeter or they tell them the exterior drain tiles are CLOGGED or broken etc, all LIES and then tell homeowners they need an INT system and sump pump, total BS, total freakin BULL

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