Should I report it as Mold? :-)

Some people don’t move any appliances…
The reason I roll the refrigerator out was again made apparent to me today.

The refrigerator was slated to convey (in a condo converted from apt last Oct).


Michael, I hope that the smiley face in your subject line means you know better!

Yeah, I told him it was a microbial growth, likely Mold (no testing necessary for that diagnosis!)

It actually tested dry to the Tramex. The leak had been repaired (according to the current occupant) immediately after they moved in back in Nov.
No drywall was replaced though because the complexes maintenance man said it didn’t need to be.

Of course the was nothing in the disclosure (according to the buyer, I did not see it) about a repaired leak at the water line stub…:smiley:

I’m never surprised by what people will not reveal…

Do you really move fridges? What if the water line comes off and the valve does not work or is in some other location? What if the floor gets scratched?

Now I have to go edit my report and mention that the client may want to look behind the fridge…


Hi, I’m looking for a mold remediation expert in the Chicago area that is affiliated with NACHI. Any help would be appreciated.

Floor had been replaced due to water damage.

The defective closet flange was not replaced.

Mushroom / Mold growth present.

As a certified mold inspector in a home inspection or a mold survey I only use the term a mold like substance was noted.