Should this plug be GFCI

Should the outlet for the water heater under the sink also be GFCI protected? My vote is yes but wanted to double check as this property was built and owned by an electrician so just wanted some back up on this.


Yes, all 120 volt receptacles in a bathroom require GFCI protection. This has been in the NEC for decades.

If you inspect an old house, do you recommend replacing the outlet in the bathroom with GFCI or not?

I guess because it was for the water heater I wasn’t sure if that mattered?

It it’s not the usage, it is the location.

Yes replace it, it is a safety item. Do not box your self or miss things like this.
If they do nothing you have covered your self.

Thx Roy, I will.

Thanks guys great replies!

My house is owned by an electrician! It has a few quirks. If the water heater was a single outlet as opposed to a duplex, it would not be a concern.

Since it is a duplex … GFI protection needed.

Wrong. All 120 volt receptacles in the bathroom require gfi protection .

Correction. All 120 volt receptacles within 6 feet of a water source require protection.

As Jim stated ALL 15 or 20 amp bathroom receptacles must have GFCI protection, regardless of the receptacle’s location.

Nope, All bathroom 120 volt receptacles require gfi protection, not just within 6’ of water. The rule has not changed for many many years.

It looks like the tester on the outlet below sink is also indicating an open ground?
And how about that TPR pipe :shock:

The ground was fine on this and it is just a bad angle to see. The TPR Valve pipe on this one was the best in the whole building! 4 Water heaters and this was the best one but I called out every one of them!

4 water heaters :shock:, how big was the home?

I would take Robert and Jim’s comments at face value on this kind of electrical topic.

They are correct, but they hardly need me to corroborate for them.

Bathroom receptacles are required to be dedicated 20 amp

Since 1975. How many home prior to this would the six foot rule apply too…many, so your statement is not completely accurate. Report software also need to change since most have the six foot rule in their electrical section.

Sorry to hear that the reporting software is 40 years behind the code.