"Shut up and build the dang addition Floyd!"

“Nobody will ever find that underground storage tank!”

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What if its been filled properly??

Funny I didn’t think of that. I modified the report to incorporate that unlikely scenario. Thanks Sean.

Then there will be Documents supporting this. :smiley:

They must be cleaned prior to filling. The fill tubes are removed, interiors cleaned and then filled with sand, concrete slurry or foam. I have a similar set up. The darn fill tubes are remote on the exterior of the home but the 500 gallon tank is underneath the family room. It is not going anywhere.

I found this one last week under an addition. Shown my light down the open fill pipe and it reflected back at me. Also smelled of oil.

I didn’t open the cap. I wish I had. This is the first time in 5 years I’ve seen a UST beneath a home.

A GC friend of my did a custom home for a client upon which their was a UST, he did exactly what Sean said…fill it with sand and be done with it.

Several years ago I did a fix and flip, UST on the outside of the foundation…in that particular case the lender required it to be removed…once the tank was carefully removed I had to hire a soil engineer to verify that the tank had not leaked. I was fortunate, if it had it would have been costly to clean it up… from that point on I know longer do fix and flips with UST on the property.

Oh, when I say costly, I have another GC friend who does more commercial building… his tab to clean up several UST was over 100,000.00…ouch. He hired several lawyers but in the end the EPA prevailed.