Found old steel septic tank in home.

Yep,:shock: inside a basement room with about an inch of concrete poured on top. Plumbing for home in this room. I could feel flex in floor and spotted small square shape in corner of floor. Turned out to be plywood cover with steel tank lid under that You can see baffle to left. Appeared empty and well rusted. Wrote it up as improperly decommissioned waste tank.
I cannot imagine what made someone install it in the home in the first place.

It is possible it was an old water sistern. And a far out possibility is a bomb shelter.

I agree with Mark. A water cistern is more likely.

Seen many a cristern though never one within 70 ft of a lake like this and never one with baffles at inlet and outlet.

Thanks Bruce found two homes with a well in the basement but never a tank like this . I think the smell could have been awful .

A hypothetical conflict of interest would be if the home inspector purposely and deliberately failed a required inspection item so that he/she could give referral business to a friend or family member.
If the home inspector got a “kick back” from the person her referred, it would be even worse and grounds for loss of license. This would not serve the home, the client or the InterNACHI community fairly and is a clear violation of the Code of Ethics.