No flashing

I took these pictures yesterday obviously because of the non-existance of the flashing on the adjacent walls. I was told by the owners that they just had this roof put on 4 years ago and it was still under warranty. Would something like this be coverable by a roof warranty?

The roof warranty covers the roof not the siding or lack of flashing.

I just thought that perhaps any good roofer would not shingle up to something like that without pointing it out to the owners or even identifying it as a problem area that needed to be corrected before a new roof could be put on when they were first putting their original quote together before the work was done.


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A good roofer would recommending cutting back the siding and flashing as part of his proposal to do the job.

If this is a second layer, the flashing may be there, the extra layer of shingles just got to close to the siding possibly

When the roof was replaced 4 years ago, all of the shingles were removed and even some of the sheathing had been replaces where there were some water damage around one of the chimneys. Sorry, I should have mentioned this in my original post.

The siding is cut too close to the roof surface to tell if there is flashing or not (by what I see in the pictures). Were there indications of moisture entry in the home below this area? I can’t imagine any contractor warranting labor for 4 years.:wink:

There were no signs of damage inside the attic area. I did see one place further away where some of the roof sheathing was replaced around the chimney, but that was it. I thought the warranty was kind of strange also. I believe the owner told me that it had a 5 year warranty and the roof was put on in 2006’

Even with 2 layers, you should be able to see the flashing.

Some details:

so, you still have to have a roof to wall flashing, steeps ect!

as a side note there should never be mastic on ANY roof, if you see black tar then something is UP!


That would not be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, but different states have different requirements regarding contractor’s warranties. 5 years is a typical time period.

You should check out the InterNACHI Mastering Roof Inspection series. It covers this subject.

All of your points are well taken. Thanks again for all the help on this. I did cover the concerns in my report and I think the owner was going back to the roofer who supposedly has a very good reputation around these parts to uphold, so hopefully, he will have the situation rectified.



I don’t even believe the roof is just 4 years old. Would the white paint that was used on the siding that is also on the roof shingles peel and deteriorate like that in just 4 years or less?

The question regarding the warranty is, is it in writing and does the warranty cover against leaks? Any time, I see flashing cement installed on the vertical wall like that I have to believe there was a leak at one time. With a properly installed step flashing it should never leak.