Siding recall?

During an inspection yesterday I became curious about black, soot-like patches on siding. [At a distance this siding looked like mini hand splits but on closer exam they were panels. i.e. Cedar-like shakes but panelized.]
I first thought this might be soot from a chimney or possibly caused by some environmental air-borne source but the termite man mentioned they were “Nail Lite” siding and his neighbor had a recall… “The black was the latest coating of paint coming off… He said his neighbors siding just throws-off’ layers of paint under certain conditions…”
Anyone seen this condition before and/or have any reference for the maker of these Nail Lite panels???

[Had trouble attaching photo. sorry!]:frowning:

This is the site to go to for siding info…they did a class at the convention a couple of years ago…excellent…sorry I don’t have time to go through it right now.