Siding to Ground Clearance

I know there should be clearance between the ground and the siding on the exterior of the home…but what about siding to patio pad clearance? Here are a couple of pics from mom n laws house…comments please…




Hi Tony, effectively the patio has become grade so normal clearances should be seen, however many patios are installed way to high as they want little or no step down fron the house floor so you will commonly see problems with the siding, sheathing and in many cases also framing.

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Would you write this up and if so how? Thanks.

Since the concrete patio floor is not consistent with current building standards regarding the clearance from the bottom of the finished wall to grade, I recommend not spraying the area with a garden hose or have the concrete removed and replaced by a licensed contractor, to a minimum of six inches below the finished wall if there is clearance for the correct installation methods. A licensed contractor should make this determination.

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The inspector that inspected this place 2 years ago missed some things…or his realtor really likes him…I followed the guy around for the entire hour he was there…at the time I was pretty clueless about this industry and even I thought he was less than capable. I was there 1.5 hours today and really enjoyed myself…glad mom n law is in Scottsdale…gave me time to curse to myself every time I bumped my noggin.

A couple of comments that I use and build upon as needed:

  • Patio is presently installed at an elevation that exceeds that of the Foundation and/or Sill Plate.
  • Condition present is conducive to damage from Water Intrusion and WDI Infestations.
  • Recommend periodic reviews by qualified Contractors with Repairs and WDI Treatments as needed.
  • Anticipate and estimate Patio/Porch replacement needs.
  • Recommend further reviews and/or estimations be obtained for Patio/Porch/Deck replacement at this time.

Never know…:shock: probably the latter…

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The normal code required clearance for exterior siding or stucco at a conrete patio (or tile) is 2". However, most code inspectors in our area will allow as little as 1". Any water that seeps between the concrete and siding will most definitely cause damage. Unfortunately, the fix for this particular situation would likely require removal of some concrete… etc… etc.



Can it be “siliconed”? Or saw cut away from the wall 2-4 inches?

what about flashin? a nice copper acsent?

or just call the siding expansion joint…just kiddin!