Patio code help please

I’m seeking help on a code I need to provide to the landscapers
That installed my patio. It’s a lower level patio, a walkout French door… it’s a flagstone porch with a significant slope to ensure the heavy rains drain away from the house. However, it’s Colorado… the grounds shift, soil shifts… unfortunately the installers did not listen when we told them the patio can’t go level to the door. It has to be 4-7" below the slab correct? Just like the front door with a step up into the door. The patio being level to door is allowing the water to get under door, flagstone is sinking , the door is jamming , etc
So the patio has water draining from right and left side into center where yes it drains out n away but also in n toward / under door
When I told them this is not right they said show them a code that states patio has to start BELOW slab so this doesn’t happen
Please help

Ask them to show you the code that allows their poor workmanship and general lack of construction skills to cause water leakage into your home’s structure.


The code is that you don’t pay them for substandard work that is not consistent with the specification that you gave to them for the construction. Putting the patio at or near the same level as the floor greatly increases the likelihood of wind-driven rain entering the home. If their poor workmanship is causing water to enter your home, you should make it clear to the contractor that you will come after them for damages.


The place to find out code information is with the local/municipal government office.

Hope this helps

What Doug Cossar said, “The place to find out code information is with the local/municipal government office.”

We are not code officials


Tell these nitwits that they can’t hide behind code. If the patio does not drain properly and/or it is draining toward the main structure, it’s wrong.

That was discussed here a while back.

The only time a slab should be flush with the main floor is when the necessity for wheel chair access is required at which point the slab would be pitched enough to not allow water intrusion at the sliding doors or single doors and proper flashing was installed at the connection to the home slab to prevent water entry.

Otherwise, it should be 1-1/2" down and pitched away from the house at a minimum of 1/4" per foot.
That is a standard of practice in the construction field and common sense.

This is assuming that the landscape allows for the slab pitching away from the home.

Haha I tried that
No success
They guarantee their job for 3 years and have been back too many times to count:(

Thank u for your response
I already paid them as they guaranteed their work
However now that it’s time to redo it bc it didn’t do what they promised they are battling:(

Ok thank u
May i ask how I find / contact them?

Ok thank u
How do I contact them? Get this info from them?

I tried that
Ha thank u

Thank u so much for this reply
I will forward this info to them n pray it’s enough to have them redo it properly
Thank u!

Thank u so much
I will forward this info n pray it’s plenty to have them redo it properly!! Thank uu

Marcel,would the 1 1/2" pertain to the max it can be? I see no minimum, Other than common sense would say at least lower than the threshold.

Landings at doors. There shall be a floor or landing
on each side of each exterior door. The floor or landing
at the exterior door shall not be more than 1.5 inches (38
mm) lower than the top of the threshold. The landing shall
be permitted to have a slope not to exceed 0.25 unit vertical
in 12 units horizontal (2-percent).

John, that is also the minimum by that statement.
Since the standard threshold, other than handicap, is approx. 1"-1-1/4" high, that would put the concrete or wood landing, patio, deck, etc., 1/2" below the main floor. Just enough to keep the water from going under the threshold.
Any more than the 1-1/2" creates a tripping hazard and that is why they jump to 7-3/4" when doors open in.

Thanks for the information Marcel, you are a great source. Thanks again, John

Jill, Pic please.

Jill … Not a code thing. Sloppy work thing.

Dan, hope you are well and in good health today.

I do not think it is correct for members to get involved with a non members accusations and verbal explanations of what is occurring between her and a contractor.

1: We are not AHJ.
2: I would like to see a picture.
3: Now the contractor will be confronted with hearsay.

Jill. Hire a home inspector to help you with this.

Robert Young