Siding warped

Any ideas what may cause this? It’s on the north and west side of home. Home was built approx 8 years ago. Is it bad install?

Improper installation, the siding was nailed tight and not allowed to “hang” loose, also could of been cut too long and not given enough room to expand on the ends.

3 possible answers:

  1. buckled sheathing from moisture. Consulted on this phenomenon in Jan/Feb 1987-8 in New Brunswick, Canada. Contractor had poured a bunch of foundations in Oct/Nov/Dec, had the bungalows roof tight with windows/doors and sidng on. In Jan, plumbing/elect/drywall crews were working indoors using propane heaters that created a lot of moisture that warped the plywood/OSB sheathing. Was called in by the siding supplier/installer as his product/crews were being blamed. For some reason, 1 of the houses had been sheathed in boards and suffered no buckling. In the end the builkder went out of business and the houses went to auction with most being sold for $25-30,000, about 1/2 the normal market price

  2. Bowed studs

  3. Nails installed too tightly, not allowing siding to slide freely in the nailing slots


Nailed, or stapled, too tight.

Thanks for the info everyone. I appreciate it.

The sheathing is on the north side and never dried correctly.
1/8 inch gaps at each installed sheathing was not applied and may have created the problem.