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There is a reason he is the highest paid entertainer in the world.

Nice post!!! I think this is the best post I have seen since joining.

The only problem with them dumping Limbaugh’s show is with Beck being out of the daily news and Limbaugh being on hiatus, that could only be good for the Republicans. Who knows, maybe then we will be able to work together and move forward*…*maybe.

Nick, are you sure Limbaugh makes more than Stern? I have no idea how much Rush makes, not that I know how much Stern makes.


The first ammendment protects free speech. If you don’t like him, don’t listen. If the sponsors quit making money from advertising on his show, Rush will go away.

I am amazed that anyone is wiling to limit free speech.

What butt heads.

What a useful idiot.:roll:

Flag it as inappropriate. I did. :slight_smile:

I like diverse opinions. I love Rush, but I love NPR too. The extremes help hone my thinking.


I say let them keep talking until November, hand them all shovels too, they are great at digging themselves into holes. We will have to wait and see how good they are at climbing out of said holes.


Rush is a coward and wouldn’t have said that to the young ladies face most especially if her Dad was standing nest to her!! He’d still be bleeding…unless Dad was a wus of course :wink:

Who cares???

Rush apologized for his inappropriate remarks.

Will you be apologizing for promoting the taking away of someone’s free speech rights?

He said it to get everyone talking about him. Looks like it worked, and every mention of his name just adds to his bank account.

He apologized to try to curb his self destruction…too little too late.


If you are worried about Rush you don’t understand Him or Radio.

What would make you think that I am worried about Rush and what exactly would I be worried abou? let him keep talking, keep shoveling.


Rush will do just fine despite your wish.

What ever happened to Air America? :wink:

Rush who?
Is that the drug addict they keep talking about ?

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone Bob.:roll:

That’s the one Bob!!

Did Mikey say something?? Damned crickets…