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What is a Draw Inspection?

Do a search on this message board and you might find a few answers to your question.

Thank You Linas,
I found a great explanation from James H Bushart
“A builder draws from the total amount of capital being financed for the building construction in phases. The inspector reports (to the lender or the owner, depending upon who contracts him) at different phases on the status of the construction, and the builder is paid accordingly.”
Thank You Again

Patrick, you go to the jobsite, take photos, fill out progress report on how construction is coming along, submit info via their website, & wait for check. Most don’t pay much but makes for good filler work…I do draw inspections for a several co’s, not this one as yet.

Does anyone know where I can receive training on how to perform construction draw inspections? I would greatly appreciate it.

Steven all the training is on a video at their site.
This is another of the reasons I am glad to be involved with NACHI.
I just got off the phone with MR Mastin and he seems like a nice guy.
They are based out of Atlanta and spending time and money to grow.
Just signup Steve and wait for the e-mail.

They’re easy. I did over 500 last year alone. I have 3 for tomorrow so far. Let me know if you have any questions.

There is nothing to them, most companies explain how to do one for them. Mainly just take 15 to 20 photo’s and fill out an online form.

Trying to go back full time , so send a few crumbs this way will you Linas.

You’re all over the internet pages with all your wesites. Get into those realtor offices and drop to your knees and open wide and beg.:stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone asked this gentleman what he is planning to pay for these?
I’m already doing Draw Inspections for several companies, and am curious how they will stack up against the others…

Per his e-mail…$45.00

…and negotiable to some degree depending on justification.

Linus if I was willing to do what you suggest I would not need the internet.
I like to sleep at night.
Things are picking up though…:smiley:

I enjoy a mid afternoon nap every now and then. :wink: I take advantage of this slow time of year. I sleep like a log at night.

thanks Jeff, thats in the ballpark with some others that I’m working with.
And hopefully, they will accept some negotiation for more $ , for travel charges, etc…