Draw Inspections

Can someone enlighten me on Draw Inspections? Tell me more about them…IF you do them…and if you do, is the report the same? is the fee the same? how do you get referrals to do these?

Thanks for your help - in advance!!


I Have 4 Companys I Do Draw Inspections For
Get About One Per Day
40.00 To 45.00 Per Inspection
No Referals Just Extra Income

thanks! I appreciate your time.

i’m not sure how prevelant they are in my area…

Contact them Robin and find out.

Wonderful - thanks for all the information.

Are you still doing some of these? still pleased with the pay?

my pay could be better but i raised the amount in the past and immediately no more inspections came thru untill i lowered back

So, these are only about $50 each? right?

try 41.50 50.00 45.00 45.00 for my four companies that use me

Don’t forget:

I made about $1000 last month from these inspections. Sometimes it takes months before you move up on their lists of inspectors and get work but it is easy $$$$$$
15-20 pictures and a quick % of completed work checklist. 15 minutes on site to do report.

I got one requested yesteday from DDN…came in LATE on Friday and with those things they want it done by the next business day…well they say to me it has to be done on Saturday…nope…not today fella…

So I did not do it…:)…I only TEACH on Saturdays…:slight_smile:

wow. i’m asking them if they have work in my area. So, we’ll see.
thanks for all the help & the links. I’m checking it all out now!!!

I got four from DDN on Thursday and was going to do them Friday. We had horrid weather and told them about it and they told me they wouldn’t have to be done until Monday.

Also, next business day on a Friday means Monday by 7pm their time.

yeah…but they always want me to drop and do them right away…lol…for $ 40-45 bucks…not hardly…

You know, I just tell them if I can’t do them right away. I mean sometimes I’ve lost them, but that’s not the end of the world right? Most of the time I get really nice people to deal with. :slight_smile:

I hear ya Wendy…I think I am the only one in this area doing them so they get desparate I guess…why else would they call me…thehehe

I feel the same way as you Paul…it costs me 25 dollars just to drive to these inspections…that is why I raised my price to them…and you know what? They don’t call anymore…so the conflict is gone! I don’t have to worry about getting them done in a timely manner and they don’t have to worry about me telling them I can’t get it done in a timely manner…win win situation. :wink:

Done Deal

i can make a good living just doing draw inspections here in florida