Sill plate overhanging stem

I don’t have any literature with me that would better explain the tolerances of the sill plate overhanging the stem wall. I would assume 100 percent bearing is expected. Today I saw 1-1/2 inch overhang. The anchor bolts in these areas were installed about an 1-1/2 inch away from the interior edge of the plate. On the exterior, a large amount of sheathing and sill plate was exposed. Comments are welcome.



Sorry, it was a 2x6 plate.

I have seen that situation may times Dylan, they simply poured the foundation the wrong size and framed it anyway…I have made a stink about it, but the AHJ didn’t give a rats a$$…on numerous occasions actually.

All I can say if it was my house them would be pouring a pony wall next to their mistake, and that’s what I write in the report, let the buyer sort his grievances out with the builder.

Thanks Dale. Actually the buyer had the plans with him, and they called for 6 inch stems. The only area I could access to get a look was at the tub, but it was tough. It did look a little like the stem was wide enough, but like I said hard to tell. He is concerned too, but the house is a foreclosure and a little over a year old. He said there are manby as is documents he has to sign. I told him he should still be able to contact the builder, but I doubt that will help much.

What the heck is a manby?..:smiley:

Well the builder has to guarantee structural defects for two years after the COP was issued regardless of who owns the home, by AZ law.

If the builder will not add a pony wall, which I’m sure he will not because the city obviously issued the COP, so he’s out of luck there.

Tell him to call the city that’s it’s located and have the head of the building inspection department come back there and look at it.

If he wants the place bad enough that surely wouldn’t stop me from buying it if the price was right, but I would have an ROC inspector there to see if they will make the builder make the appropriate repair.

If nothing transpires, call me, I’ll connnect him-you with an concrete engineer to look at it and draw up a repair design for a couple hundred bucks.

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Damn Doug, I learn something everyday here…I think I said that before though…:smiley:

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Yep, plain ole dirt, no big mystery there.

What kind of special camera are you guys using to determine the nature of that soffit dirt?

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