Simply fantastic

Took a bit of thinking to determine the use of this precious master piece.

It is located in the utility room closet as you can see in the pic with the WH, the 2" PVC line travels thru the wall to the left side of the pic and terminates about 1’ above the garage floor. The house has a slab floor and I just assumed there is a trap in the line below the slab but no real way to determine this.

Any ideas what this marvelous piece of plumbing is used for as I have my own ideas lets see if great minds think alike:mrgreen::wink:

Wow. Crap. That is a brain buster. :slight_smile: Nice one Charley.

I can’t get my head around it. It can’t be for solids unless its for draining an RV tank which has a grinder and a pump to drive stuff up that slope. That slope makes no sense whatsoever…

Maybe a strange method of venting the plumbing system?

Oooo, maybe it’s a way to prevent or redirect a backup or overflow which is continually happening in one section of the plumbing. Seems like they could also be draining something into it by removing the cap and the 2 inch line would allow whatever they’re draining to overflow without flooding the house.

Two key thoughts (utility room) ( age of the home 1977)

A giant marihuana bong.

I got nothing. :frowning:

Don’t tell us yet, I’m still thinking about it.

I would love to guess but Charlie has to much pride to actually ask about things he does not know here so imagine the thread is to make others look bad and therefore refuse to guess…:slight_smile:

OK… it is a air pressure pogo stick used to hop on roofs.

Seriously though you need to be there and all I see is a WH on a platform with no wide shot or details as to how that platform drains.
The whole setup reminds me of a pump for some reason.

Is there a sump in the slab ? yeah never saw that either ]

Strange method of Radon Mitigation ?

Bob I do know what its for had to think about it for a while, it has nothing to do with the WH just happens to be located in the same closet. No sump pump installed anywhere. Yes you are correct I don’t ask many question on this MB I can usually reason out what something is or is used for, after 50 years in the work force there has been a bit of water under my bridge.

Your radon thought was the first thing that entered my mind also but I included the (WTF) is this. Has nothing to do with radon;-)

I gave you two clues use them

  1. Radon
  2. Standpipe
  3. OK whats in the plastic jug behind it Charlie ?

Is the top cap a entry point to spray a chemical for some sort of eradication ?

Thats it will wait for the answer K.W

It is a secondary stand pipe??

My clues should have given it away but I understand your suspicious thinking???

Utility room What is the major appliance in a utility room that requires a plumbing drain ??? !!! A washing machine , second clue **home built in 1977 !!! what was the diameter of the washing machine stand pipe in 1977 construction codes ??? !!! 1-1/2" walah home owner moves in with a brand new washing machine that requires a 2" drain line to properly drain and immediately overflows owner calls a plumber and his cheap A fix was to install a secondary stand pipe large enough to accommodate the new machine and just in case it also might over flow he installs a 2" drain to the garage floor from the secondary stand pipe. BTW the secondary stand pipe was connected to a existing floor drain near the WH which is also improper due to the trap beneath the slab for the floor drain is not considered a wet trap and allows sewer gas into the garage area.

Bobbie do you not have old 1-1/2 inch washing machine stand pipes in your Yankee area or have you just been ignoring them as they can be a problem with new washing machines

So the guy is draining to the garage.
That drain at bottom looks like me which might have a 1 inch or less diameter to me.

I like how you question me as a form of insult…“Only Charlie” :slight_smile:

Was a head appliance installer for Sears buddy.LOL

Also your picture as mentioned is a small section not showing the whole utility room.If there I maybe would have seen other clues such as lint.

People in OK actually wash ?

The old game mouse trap comes to mind:D

Your just like KW you only read or hear what you want to:shock:

That is a good description:D

Never brag Charlie, that’s your job.
Yeah pretty strange setup so I guess you advice was to hook up the washer and use the drain water for the horses to the conserve water. :slight_smile:

No need to worry about water we have plenty kinda like OIL:p

Hello? What gives? This is exactly what I said.

Como say what? Around these parts we call the room with the washing machine the “laundry room”. :slight_smile: The major appliance in our utility rooms is the furnace.

I claim victory due to the Okey factor. :wink:

You guys have your head screwed on with left handed threads the utility room is where the washing machine is located the furnace is in the equipment room or the garage closet:p;-)

If I ever move to OK, I’m taking you and the Mrs. out for dinner. Then I’m going to spend the next week rewriting my inspection comments library. :wink: