Toilet line

Can anyone please explain the purpose of this line? It goes into the ceramic floor and due to finishes I couldn’t find where it ends.

Red neck trap primer for a fixture below?

Some people will just do anything to have that ice maker on the frig to work. :wink:

I was just going to say I hope that isn’t going to the ice maker! :shock:

If it was it would not work anyway.

There is only pressure on that line when the tank is filling.

Grow opp or growing station.

Is it hot water? Some folks rig up a hot water infusion so the tank doesnt sweat from filling with cold water when humid. I’ve seen it, just not quite that way.

Maybe they don’t use their ice maker that often… :shock:.

I got it. It automatically replaces water that evaporates during the day for their fish tank on the floor below.

I’d explain the problem with both the ice maker and fish tank scenarios but you are making a joke, so never mind. :wink:

in any case it doesn’t belong there …it doesn’t matter where it goes


back siphonage.
Cross contamination.

Wrong why.

Who say’s so, why?

What authority, Why?

Attempting to answer the OP’s original question.

Read more.

Robert. We all know what cross connections are.

Now explain from the available information why you think there is one.

Sometimes it’s best to not post when you are basing your post on conjecture and limited information.:roll:

help me our here anybody.
Siphonage will be introduced into the line unless there is a anti syphonage link or stop.
The line hangs down further than the line in the tank by a considerable length.
The weight of the water in the secondary line will start the siphonage process automatically without a counter measure if I am not mistaken…

This alone will case the line to syphon the commodes tank water out unless there is a counter measure in place to stop the phisics from drawing water from the tank.
IE: A spigot with an stopper or back flow valve.

Any views please on my hypotheses would be appreciated.
The why is never this less. It’s what can happen that is the apparent…safety.

IE: Where does this electrical branch circuit go? or why is the ground opin, why is it non GFCI etc.

Yes Michel.
Thank you…

And it can only siphon until it starts sucking air.

Besides that, the OP told us he had no idea where it ended up.

well I can think of a number of reasons…The bowl water is being diverted which will cause a number of issues of it’s own, plus a plastic line going through a tile floor without a shut off…i can think of a lot of other reasons, but to save senseless typing can You think of one (1) reason how this could possibly be a proper use of the Bowl supply water to a water closet ?

That plastic line is not under pressure until the toilet valve trips.

Yes, the water in the bowl will be less.

What else you got?

This has entered silly land.

No one said it was proper.:roll:

Without more information we have no idea what’s going one.

If it does serve as a trap primer, I think it is clever.:wink: