Single strand aluminum??

Never have seen this type before. Aluminum wiring for the dryer was single strand, but a heavier gauge (6 or 8 perhaps??). Breaker above uses stranded aluminum, which is what I normally see when aluminum wiring is used. House built in '89. Comments? I don’t think there’s any concerns, however, would appreciate any feedback/insight.

I realize pics aren’t the greatest.

The single strand would have the same issues as smaller gauge aluminum. I would report it.

Thanks, Sean. Anybody else have any feedback/insight??

Personaly I wouldn’t be reporting it, firstly the problem with single strand back between 1965-75 really only affected the 12-14 awg branch circuits, secondly the formulation of the alloys was changed in the mid 70’s to relieve the problem, a home build in 1989 could not contain suspect aluminum wiring.



Thanks Gerry, that’s kind of what I was thinking. Have you (or anyone else) ever seen this type before??

Yes but very rarely


Thank you. Have a great Easter holiday!

Do you have a link on that. I didn’t know aluminum was an alloy.

Here you go John

The stuff from the 60’-70’s was 1350 alloy which was replaced with 8000 series alloy


Thanks Gerry, I never knew that.

Good info Gerry


My State SOP requires me to report any Single Strand AL Wires…

Oddly enough so does the INACHI SOP…

Better call it out… :smiley:

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing :wink:



If you want to tell people to disregard the INACHI SOP that is fine with me Gerry…:wink:

I just assumed reading your reply you were not familiar with what the INACHI SOP actually said…:cool:

I follow my State SOP and we are required to call out Single Strand Al wiring, period…

Because I seem to have a little more knowledge of the INACHI SOP than you is no reason to be sad my friend…:smiley:

Excellent info Gerry (as always) Thanks - :slight_smile: