Single Wrap Florida

Based on the pictures, can someone tell me if this currently qualifies as a single wrap in Florida?

Top of wrap over truss with three nails:

Bottom of wrap over truss with three nails:

Other side of bottom of wrap with two nails:

Hey Bob I do not know you so I will not go download anything you have anywhere. No offence intended.

I suggest you maybe post them to face book then use the methood provided here to show the picture from their location.

Less chance for us to catch the crud :slight_smile:

Post it where we can see it here and I am sure you will get some help.

You also should update all your info so people know who you are where you work and what your experience is. Just my .02 on getting all these jerks :slight_smile: Like Me to help you out. Good luck, you can also call me any Mon- Fri after 10 am and I’ll gladley talk to you to help.

Not a single wrap or attached to the exterior wall. It’s not even an approved connector…It’s plumbers strapping. Should be marked as “Other” on the 1802.


Agree, you need a picture of where the truss or rafter connects to outside wall. What you have shown us is the wrong place to look, you need to go out to the edge further.

I say you have you answer :slight_smile:

50lbs of uplift resistance :wink:

Ha, is that in one of the charts?:cool: