How would you mark this

What would you check for this



Other. with picture
Are there any nails?
I do not see that great in small images.

hard to see but 2 nails on the ceiling joist side.

click on the picture and it will grow

Other, I don’t think it would meet the uplift for a clip, but I’d have to check.

Kinda looks like plumbers strapping to me…“Other”

I agree looks like plumber strapping on a wood frame wall. Nice try but------- let it lie in the hands of the underwriter----- mark “OTHER”

Sure does look like plumbing strapping…wall was concrete. wrapped around and was attached on both sides


I hate that I look at the keypads and hit that damn key all the time :frowning:

I have to go with other too. That strap is not utilized for it’s intended purpose in this application but if nailed it probably provides some greater uplift than a toe nail. Let the underwriter decide. Either it meets the criteria in every respect or it should be marked as other, with an explanation.

It was on everyone I could see. I dont see many guys crawling around like I did to see it. I did mark other with an explanation

Sounds like what I would have done.

Clips: Metal attachment that does not meet the single wrap nailing requirement.

I agree

Would an underwriter notice the difference…

Sh-t i bet half the home inspectors couldn’t identify that as a plumbing strap.

Me included…

Call it out for further testing…

Learn something new everyday here…

Plumbing strap? I thought it was a tail pipe hanger. JK

I see this on homes from the 20-40’s. As if, they new they needed more than toenails, but weren’t sure what else to do. Why not use some plumbing straps?

I think it was a pretty good idea for their time.

Other seems to be the most likely. A clip is a metal component designed to provide the structural connection of roof or floor trusses to wall plates in order to facilitate resistance to wind uplift forces. A designed clip should have some type of markings on it to identify the type. Key word here seems to be design. Plumbing strap was not designed as an uplift connection device. Plumbing strap was common by some early builders in Florida around the mid 50’s.