Roof to wall connection

I’m not familiar with these connectors. Is there any uplift protection or are they just hangers? Thanks

Need to get a better closer photo but looks like a clip. No credit unless you can verify three nails

could be a clip you have to see other side.

The house was built in 1959, but the roof was replaced in 2006. Here’s another picture from a different angle. I don’t know if this is any better. Thanks for your comments.

Yes that’s a clip. Looks to have 4 nails in it. Would still try to get a clear up close photo for the 1802 so they don’t kick it back.

No credit, the one on the left is not attached to the rafter, but to the joist. Unless you can see that the clips are attached, as required, to the trusses (or in this case the rafter) then they don’t get a credit.

If you don’t know what these are, then you should study more and get into wind mitigation inspections when you’re ready.

Agreed, need to see those clips on all of the rafters

Thanks for all your information, input and opinions.

h 2.5 tie. We use that up here too.

Where is the insulation?:wink:

And right in my back yard. Yeah why doesn’t everyone start doing them :frowning:

No offense to original OP intended just sucks so many do it round here.

Good news is there is a Brand New course on the way for everyone :slight_smile:

If that photo was taken over the garage or carport here in Florida we don’t require insulation over non living spaces.

Clip, providing it meets the minumum requirements