sink drain/traps

A little help here would be appreciated. This is new construction, under the kitchen sink. I’m not sure if this is OK. It looks a little hap hazard, not neat, (two traps?) especially for new construction. anytime I see work like this I start to question it. Thanks for any help.

I was thinking this is some type of temporary setup. that adding a disposal would clean this up. any thoughts?

Not allowed… Only one P-trap allowed for each horizontal run of drain to the stack.

Also… the high loop needs to be properly secured in the proper position.

Depends how the disposal is installed.

improper double trap noted. Fixtures must not be double-trapped because of the unnecessary additional restriction of flow and the increased potential for stoppages. Double-trapping can cause air to be trapped between the two trap seals, and the “air-bound” drain will block flow.

I was thinking installing a disposal would eliminate one of the traps.

Only if they plumbed it correctly while installing the disposal, which would mean re-doing everything already in place. I have seen many that were not.

I don’t see that as a problem. Here is a similar thread:

Actually… double trapping can cause one of the traps to siphon out and break the seal, leaving it unsealed.
Flow from the disposal drain can cause a siphon in the sink trap, emptying the trap and breaking the seal… or vice-versa. (Especially with the dishwasher discharge flow rate & duration).

Here’s a double trap:

Same principle, different hook-up.

Not allowed by UPC standards. What code does your jurisdiction follow?

An S-trap has the siphoning problems you mention.

The problem with a double-trap is that air gets trapped *between *the two traps and will cause a stoppage of flow or blockage. I don’t see any way air can be trapped between the two traps in the OP’s picture.

We follow the IRC

And this is where you need to decide which road your company will take. If there is a potential risk for anything to go wrong, that is the road I will take. My clients health/safety is at risk. I will not ever knowingly place a client at risk, no matter how irrelevent it may seem to others. My clients, my company, my decision!

Thanks for your help. I added it to the report.