kitchen sink trap

I came across this kitchen sink today in a 3 family apt house. It does not seem to have any trap. The drain goes down through the floor rather than into the wall. Should a P trap be the requirement.

It is not uncommon to see the trap below the floor. As long as the trap arm does not exceed 24". :slight_smile:

If that is not the basement directly below or no trap was visible call it out.
Should be right there anyhow and gosh that looks ugly.

Call this one an easy fix.

Installing a vented P-Trap would not be that easy of fix.


Looks like we have some plumbers on the MB!
It is probably vented in the wall if not an AAV would not be hard to install.

This was on the 2nd floor and I wants able to see anything below the floor so it will definitely be called out. All the other sinks had proper traps. It may be below the floor but I will never know. Thanks all…

Jeffrey C

Here is one from a third floor apartment.

Hello friends,

My home was constructed about ten years ago, and no trap was installed under kitchen sink. Drain drops directly into floor. Counter top holding the sink rests against a half-wall, so It’s obviously not vented. Just wondering if there’s any connection between venting and use of a p trap. Should I install one?

Thanks a lot.
Amalia Markous

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I would recommend you contacting a plumber to do the requested repair.

A ARV valve could be installed.

You could take some pics and post them and many can help you through it.


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