Sinkhole Repair?

I live in Baltimore, Maryland. I have a 7 year old home. In my back yard I seem to be developing a sinkhole, near the foundation of the house. Does anyone know how to “repair” a sinkhole, or any companies that specialize in sinkhole repair. Filling it in does not seem to help, it just slows the progression. Any help would be wonderful.

Need an expert to evaluate the cause of the sinkhole, before it can be repaired. How large of an area is affected? If only a couple of sq/ft, it may be buried lumber from when the home was built that is decomposing.

Thanks, I believe that is the case, the development I live in used to be an apartment complex, that complex was leveled to build my development. I am at a loss for where to find an expert in sinkholes.

Yes I do. I have a Geologist on staff.
Call me.

Most sink holes I see here in Missouri are just big caves that the tops are caving in on… I have not seen anybody successfully in filling in a sink hole yet.
Since we are in the classified section, would anybody would like to buy a sink hole here in Missouri?