Sink Hole

Here is a brand new home that my client just moved into. We did a final punch list inspection on the home and found many issues but this one just appeared in the last week or so.


Either bad backfill or worse a cracked sewer line…








I thought sink holes were just in Florida!:wink:

Wow, is that where they excavated for the sewer line or water line?

I guess someone is going to remove the carpet lawn and start over.

These site Contractors, they are all alike, ha. ha.
Hope they go good for your Client.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Poor backfill conditions generally.

Is this the area of the Water Supply and/or Sanitary Sewer run? Quite a common occurrence from what I see.

This is defiantly where the sewer line runs. I told him to have the builder pay for a video scan of the line now just in case. Most likely a backfill issue.

At least I hope for my clients sake.

Most likely backfill as the depression appears to be uniform accross the lawn.

If the sinkhole was in a single / isolated area, I would tend to believe a line failure.

Are Exterior Drains Cast or PVC in your area?

In this case it is cast coming out of the home and into PVC somewhere outside the foundation wall. I usually see about 6’ of cast coming out of the foundation into PVC. On newer homes of course.

Interesting that cast iron pipe is still being used in your area. Haven’t seen new used here for 30+ years. It’s all ABS ( in house) and PVC to street.

They only use it in the section that comes through the foundation.

I’ve seen cast iron and copper in new homes built in Cook County.


Although I don’t see copper for waste in new construction. Way to expensive.

I had wondered about that. What’s the reasoning?

Here’s one from earlier this year. Poor planning on Gutter runoff and poor fill. Gutters at front and rear corner both terminated in same area.

My friend who works for a backhoe service will tell you it’s to keep him employed fixing sheared off waste lines. When they are repaired they use PVC instead of cast. Not sure of the reason as to why they use such a short run.