Sinkholes and armadillos

O.k. I got one…A recent tampa home inspection. 1995 home, occupied, very near tampa river trail.

Bad Drainage, condensate line, animal burrow.

Can I keep sinkhole out of this narrative. We have had a deluge of rain recently.

"The foundation has an area where soil erosion is undermining the foundation
Indications include but not limited to

There are cracked kitchen tiles and a minor settlement crack located on the same side wall in the garage, also the kitchen cabinet appears to have dropped a bit. Damage appears to be occurring because of the undermining.

The meter was checked at the end of the inspection with the client. We had a reasonable expectation that the water was not being used, However the dial indicating water flow was spinning. A professional licensed plumber with experience in detecting slab leaks should be consulted before inspection contingency expires.

The inspector was unable to determine the cause of the undermining of the foundation. Possible scenarios include poor drainage, condensate line draining to close to the foundation, Slab leak aka plumbing installed in the slab on grade foundation or my favorite one, Animal burrow (armadillo) with drainage water filling up the undermined area."

Looking forward to the responses…

Should never put the word sinkhole unless you are a geotechnical engineer. We call them “ground surface depressions”. Other than that the wording looks good to me.

Client asks " whats a ground surface depression" with a deer in the headlight look.

Its self explanatory thats the beauty! A depression in the surface of the ground. Could get in a lot of trouble calling something a sinkhole if it isn’t.

Yup, when you can’t call it what it is, you have to make stuff like this up! :wink: