Home inspector says add long downspout ext and build UP duh dirt lol

we hear this crap all the time, please let it go, it is soooooo incompetent.

look, if you wanna KNOW aka find out if there is 1 or more exterior cracks in the foundation wall allowing water in or deteriorated rod hole (s) etc then you need to take a hose and run a water test against the F–wall, sheesh. Yeah yeah, he can’t ok fine then keep your JIB closed on the incompetent recommendation. The BUYER imo NEEDS to KNOW… BEFORE they bid on the dumb azz house, not after. The downspout ext and toying with the dirt doesn’t identify nor fix anything

Good for him, he ‘gets’ the water intrusion shtt ABOVE grade, wonderful… just doesn’t have it all together yet on the below grade part, signed… the Devil.

‘Let your MaDnEsS be the clue, madness, madness, madness,madness’

Homeowners, and some inspectors, just don’t understand your expertise, Mark.

Keep up the good work and word will continue to spread. :smile:

I hope you and yours are well.

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Why have gutters if you are going to dump all the water from the roof in few areas with downspouts by the foundation? just remove the gutters and slope the ground toward foundation :smiley: Slope patios, stoops, sideways toward the foundation. Slope the driveway toward the garage while at it. Why not :smiley:

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why ask why, try Bud Dry.

real men don’t need no stinky drainage, fix the darn crackz!

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Yeah, in their thinking heads! :roll_eyes:

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