Sky light plastic cover

I have seen these plastic covers before a few times but these were cracked. The window glass underneath appeared Ok. What is the purpose of these covers. Are they a cheap fix to leaking glass and frame or are they protecting the glass from breaking if hit by twigs or something. I am not sure of what their proper product name is either. They are attached to the frame pretty good.

That looks more like a temporary cover for shipping and installation purposes that would be removed after installation is complete.

With that many screws and having a drip edge to it, i would think its a real cover for use.

Those are common around here. Actually I have 2 in my house. Just the way they were designed. Most end up getting cracked. I hate mine the look terrible.

Well ***** damn. Git that sucker up on yur traylor… :wink:

So they have a plastic outter cover and a glass dome under them also. Whats the sense for that ?