??? :o

Lol. Nice! It looks like the skylights you see glued to an RV roof

Seen funky workmanship before, but this one adds to the frosting on the cake. :):stuck_out_tongue:

YES it is leaking, the roof was 2 years old.

I also like the down spout onto the roof .
This of course shortens the life of the Shingles under the Down spout big time .

Was going to ask if it was leaking but now I know and no surprise

OK, it’s a crazy installation. Was there any sign of leakage?

I always tell my clients that there are 2 types of skylights. The ones that leak and the ones that are going to leak.

I have a good friend who is a Master Carpenter. He has told me numerous times that he has removed way more skylights than he has ever put in. I agree with Allen.