Skylight Flashing

Permitted tear off and re-roof in 2001 here in Florida. Any opinions on this picture? All the skylights show signs of previous water infiltration. Three of them are flashed in this manner. I’m no roofing expert so I thought I’d ask a few on this board. Thanks in advance.

Wrong board, my mistake

Thats one cheap azz looking skylight. Doesn’t surprise me it shows signs of moisture intrusion. It’s difficult enough to keep a premium unit from leaking. From what I’ve seen, if you can get 5 years without moisture issues, you’re doing good.

I tell all clients I love sky lights BUT it is not a case of will it leak it is a case of when will it leak .
Please regular maintence required ,they do not seem to like Canadian weather

I don’t see an issue with the flashing. Like mentioned above the unit will, if not already, leak. The seams are prone to fail.

this sky light will leak now or later, in my 15 years of roofing I have changed out maybe a few hundred of these…rec. a roof in your report. my 2 cents worth

Thanks gentlemen