Skylight defect?

What do you guys think of this skylight install? Flashing looked intact but this extra trim component was bent up a bit from a recent roof install and was catching some debris. It did not appear to be integral flashing component just a top trim piece…



Was it leaking?


Nope, flashing looked OK but this component just catching debris. Probably going to leak if not maintained regularly. BTW this was a $1 million dollar home not that it should matter but I think the buyers are expecting perfection for that price.

That’s part of the window, I believe.

That is the secondary diverter flashing. It keeps the runoff from splashing up the curb and into the top seal. Should be bent up more at a 45 degree angle.

No such thing as perfection. Good luck

Yes, agreed. They weren’t unreasonable just very high price for this location. Turns out this will be the least of their concerns (mold in crawl space!).

Thanks for the input you guys.