Skylight flashing

Greetings; about a month ago I inspected a home that to be kind was in distressed condition. There has been lots of bickering between the seller and the buyer as well as the agents about the issues found during the inspection. I have been thrown under the bus a couple of times by the seller agent and that just goes with the territory so no worries there. The office received a call today from the buyer with a concern…the seller’s “repair guy” has said the flashing at the skylight is OK and that is the way “he would have done it”. My client the buyer wants to know why I feel there is a problem at the flashing. Sometimes I just wonder. Here are the pictures. I am waiting for the buyer to call me back so I can explain it too him.

Is that the same repair guy who’s famous byline is “Good enough for the suckers, can’t see it from my house.”

What did your narrative say about it? I don’t see much of a problem either. I would hammer down the bent portions and seal it with roof tar. You have to remember there should be flashing underneath the shingles in addition to what we see visually.

Skylight not properly sealed . Organic debris present at time of inspection. Recommend it be sealed with a elastomeric type roofing sealer to prevent moisture and pest intrusion.

Head flashing should never be on top of the roof shingles. A properly installed skylight does not need roof tar in any location. This is a Harry Homeowner hack job.

I have to agree with Stephan and that is what my report stated (without using the word hack)

I put bull on every piece of flashing on every home I build as an added barrier .

I too agree with Stephen. Looks like a poor attempt at sealing a leak. All that Henry’s can make a proper repair messy now. Roy’s narrative at post #4 is short and sweet and explains the issue fully IMO without saying too much and being pinned a roofing “expert”.

Guess I need to see a picture of the entire skylight. I can’t tell which way the roof is going. If that’s indeed the head flashing I agree 100%.

It better be the head flashing, or they have bigger problems. :smiley:

Is head flashing like the head nurse?
The one with the dirty knees.:roll:

The roofer missed the idea.

Billy, look at the shingles and you can see which way they lap.

If he /she could not logically reason and deduce the head flashing lap then I hesitate to think of what other flashing details he/she omits and for how long.

Its a wonder the shingles were not started from the top, and not high nailed to sneak the lower in the correctly;)

Now those are not skylights ladies. Those are windows in a cornish or mansard.
I suspect a mansard myself.

I can see more than one defect as can you Kenton I suspect. They should be step flashed for one…

Nice pic Billy.
In the vault it goes.

OP here, This was a gable roof probably a 10/12 pitch. Pics look that way because of angle of camera. That is an exposed head flashing in one photo with the adjacent head flashing covered with a thick layer of asphalt. The buyer informed me yesterday that he is having the skylights re-flashed…don’t know who is doing the work and don’t know if the contractor will purchase a new flashing kit from the skylight manufacturer. The client has my opinion that if asphalt is used then the flashing is not correct. Thank you all for your comments.

Skylight code.
I see the building in the background now.

All the best Mark.
PS: try to ask the client to OverSeeIt the installation. tell him its a free be. Photo the installation and start your auxiliary home inspection services Mark.

There’s money in them there hills if you know anything about panning for gold. Now harness up that mule son and get cracking.:cool:

I would tell my client, that if the repair guy doesn’t understand what’s wrong, then he’s not qualified to perform the repairs. Time to hire a licensed roofer.

Great reply.
I concur.

A nicely done skylight