Skylights / WMit.....

From this morning, had this house with skylights on a covered porch. No Hip credits on this place.
Question, IF THIS ROOF WAS a Hip credit with the perimeter of this porch is not calculated in total lineal footage, what box to check ? N/A or no opening protection for the SL’s ? Are these counted only if in main body of the roof ?
Don’t think I’ve ran into this setup before…

If the flat roof was not structurally attached AND the flat roof was over an unenclosed area then I would mark “N/A” on the form assuming there were no other skylights.

There is no need to cover an opening that is not an opening in the house’s structural envelope.

Just from this one photo, this is considered a structural roof, as it appears to be tied in directly to the gable eaves, and the bituminous membrane on the flat deck laps under the shingles as it should in that case. I can’t tell from the photo what the wall construction is, but my biggest concern would be the roof member to wall connections. If this roof fails completely in a high wind event, it will most likely take with it several rows of the main structure’s shingles, potentially leaving the interior of the main structure exposed to the elements. (hence the importance of the connectors used)

Now… as far the the insurer’s perspective goes concerning just the skylights, I imagine it would matter as to what the fit-n-finish is underneath. If it were just an aluminum patio with bare cement floors, there is not much to damage therefore little to claim as far as water intrusion limited to just the patio area is concerned. (ie: if a skylight was shattered) This is purely speculation on my part, as I haven’t a clue what goes through an underwriter’s head sometimes… :wink:

Just curious… is this an aluminum patio with maybe Elite panels for the roof that have been altered with the skylight cut-outs, then peel-n-stick applied over top? Hard to tell from the photo. :wink: