Slab has been beaten out at slab edge

The slab on this home has been beaten out for some reason at the slab edge. How should it be repaired or can it be? The plumber said that the plumbing was put in the wrong place and had to be moved and they would repair the concrete. I am curious how any repair could be made

No problem adding some good grade concrete there. The missing stud may need more looking into.

Thanks Bruce

simple concrete mix, and some fancy trouling would do it. the cut 2x should be fixed with a couple cripple studs and a small header to deflect the load around the plumbing.

I often find junk like that.

“Damaged for installation of utilities.”

It would have been prudent to have had these plumbing pipes centered in the 2x4 wall and have had the concrete slab poured and finished around them and round bored holes through the plate. Then the studs could have been placed where they belong for the wall finishes.
Hopefully protector plates will be added and crippled studs added to span this opening.

Because of all this piping, it weakened the slab enough for it to have cracked as it did.

Is that sole plate Pressure treated and anchored with galvanized anchor bolts?

Sloppy work.


I think you got it Marcel, but you mis spelled weekend, which is likely when this was done.:mrgreen: :roll:

Weekend Warriors with Masters of all Trades in progress.

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