Slab leak question

My Domestic Partner’s mother’s boyfriend had a slab leak that flooded the hallway and closet. The plumbers rerouted the water pipes around the exterior of the house and through the attic and walls so that they would not have to tear up the floor and jackhammer inside. My question is, Wouldn’t there still be concrete damage, perhaps even a cracked slab now, that needs to be looked at and repaired? I can’t imagine such a flow of water coming up through a concrete slab without there being a good-sized crack as well. Anyone with experience or know of some good web sites? Thanks.

Hi Russel,

the repair you discribe is very common on older slab properties, as to there being a good sized crack to enable a failed pipe to flood a room, I have seen several instances where there has been conciderable flooding from very small fisures rather than large cracks, remember that the concrete is a best porous, and that the supply is at pressure (40-80 psi).



Note the Disclaimer below that :mrgreen:

(and once the water has been ‘re routed’ from the cracked section of plumbing, the slab now has 'just a crack" - like all of 'em do to a degree :smiley: )


[FONT=Verdana]I wish you could provide more information but here’s my opinion based on previous situations as you described.

The hall closet is potentially adjacent to a bathroom. Older homes had and some new homes still have box-outs for tub-shower drain and supply. Water percolated to a point of least resistance, the box-out. This still may be the case in a sleeved slab. This may not have cracked the slab and doubtful loading at these areas would cause further damage. Even though some soil displacement most likely has occurred.

From your description now would be the time while professionals adept in this field have the removed floor coverings to initiate slab issue investigations.[/FONT]

Hey, Barry.

It’s a 1992 house. They re-routed the water pipes because they didn’t want to disturb the tile flooring. I’m trying to convince them that, yes, now is, indeed, the time to take care of everything.

The hall closet is across from the hall bathroom. The hall leads to the garage.