Slab On Grade

Doing my first slab on grade home tomorrow, so far all of mine have been crawl spaces or basements (finished and unfinished). Any tips or special things to look for on these?

Make sure there are no issues with perimeter drainage which could potentially undermine the footings. Also look for evidence of severe cracking and displacement at any major cracks. Could indicate a lack of proper steel in the slab. If you have radiant heating check floors in bath
or anywhere else for tile which may be loose.
If it’s a stucco exterior check for an expansion crack at the floor line on the exterior or any other type of transition area problem at the floor line that could be suspect. Settling is fairly obvious as well. Look for windows in a line that aren’t level across the bottoms… Older slabs a generally more prone to problems as concrete was less predictable as were any compaction considerations. Lots of variables.

Jason, it would help many if we knew where you were located to give specific suggestions/advice.

Go to “control panel” in blue line above. Then to “edit your detail” and add location.


Slab on grade homes are particularly susceptible to termites, pay close attention to floor penetrations, cracks and soil contact with the siding.
Also, some older slab homes have air ducts routed through the slab and can be full of water, collapsed or have other conditions present that will require repairs. If you see duct work routed through the slab pull a register off take pictures and suggest a detailed evaluation by a HVAC contractor. Ultimately, the air ducts will need to be moved above ground.
Cracked slabs are a major concern when inspecting slab homes, make sure you inspect the slabs exterior perimeter for large cracks and thoroughly walk the floors to look for signs of unevenness. If you see even minor cracks suggest they be repaired as they can often be access points for termites. Good luck, enjoy not having to crawl a crawlspace for a change.

Charge more… they take longer to get under :|.)

Slabs are music to my ears, no crawlspace :smiley:

One tip, look for dirt (red dirt here) on top of baseboards directly below outlets. I’ve found many outlets packed full of dirt from ants.

Amen to that.