New Construction Slab Undermining

Hello this is new construction slab. It looks like the foundation has undermining. This is only my second slab new home foundation. Thoughts?

This house is the house that just keeps on giving!

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Backfill, landscaping issues.
Downspout termination too close to the foundation.
Soil erosion.

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To @ryoung7 point, I hope that is not their final grading.

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See the cold joint?


Yep. And right after the cold joint, things get a little weird.

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Killer house. “New construction” built like most homes I see from the 70s built by bubba lol

Where is the perimeter footer??? The pictures give the impression there is no footer at all and it is possibly a uniform depth slab.


look again
insufficient concrete coverage of unsleeved pvc dwv


Slab on grade with no apparent footing. Looks like amateur workmanship at best.


I must have been looking at another cold joint:-)
Cold joint

There are varying types of slab on grade. No need to hypothesize. Call out defects and move on.

And rock pockets. Contractor should have wet that up and vibrated the hell out of that.

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Good catch on the drain pipe. I passed on the plumbing choosing to look only at the slab.
You think it runs to a septic system?

Personally, I can count on one hand how many slab on grade only homes I have inspected. Garages are another story. Basements in my neck of the woods until you inspect rural off island. Dam, the first home I had manage building was slab on grade back in early 1980’s. 60 miles outside of Montreal, QC in Saint Anicet. No sheathing on wall assemblies. Steel Wind Braces. Man how time flies.
Keep well.

Morning, Dam.
Can’t say I see any Honeycombing?
As well, I never over vibrated concrete paste when I poured concrete. Sends 3/4" aggregate in the paste to the bottom. You want the paste and aggregate to be a homogeneous mixture so the concrete composition is uniform throughout able to accept even load distribution.

Definitely goes to a septic system with what one can see! :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Slabs pretty rare here. Saw maybe 5 last year. This is the only time I’ve seen this far down the grade though. It’s all crawlspace or basement here. This home was an absolute piece of crap in every way. There are homes from the 70s and 80s completely out of code but so much better than this home.

Evening, Chris. Hope this post finds you well.
Crawlspaces are rare. Mostly full crawlspaces in century buildings. 1950’s and up, in basement with crawlspace construction.
Thanks for sharing.
Keep well.

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